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Initial Assessment 


An assessment is needed for each child prior to treatment. This is required so we can identify your child's current speech and language skills and their particular difficulties.  The outcome of the assessment will allow us to set targets specific to needs of your child.  This will also allow us to monitor progress.


Assessments will take place in your home and usually last between 60-90 minutes.  Sessions will consist of discussion with you about your concerns and your child's current functioning, observation of your child during play (usually appropriate for younger children), direct assessment, feedback and advice.






Research suggests that therapy offered in consistent blocks leads to the most progress.  On reflection of this we offer a discount when therapy blocks are pre booked.  Typically a block would consist of 6 sessions but in some circumstances longer blocks are required.  This will be discussed with you throughout therapy.


Therapy sessions usually last between 45- 60 minutes.  Therapy sessions will vary depending on the needs of each child and their difficulties but parents are fundamental in the therapy process and are encouraged to be actively involved.



Reviews can take place when regular therapy is not required.   They are useful after a break from therapy to assess what progress has been made and set new targets.






We offer training to parents and carers as well as teaching staff.  Leanne is a registered Elklan tutor and has experience of running parent courses, 'Let's Talk for under 5's', 'Let's talk for special needs' as well as equivalent teacher, teaching assistant and Senco training courses.  Please contact us for details of training. 



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